Crans-Montana hosted the fourth edition of Salon Choc Altitude, which brought together 15 of Switzerland’s best chocolatiers sharing their passion and their creations to more than 5,000 attendees at Le Régent Congress Center in Crans-Montana, on 3-4 February, 2018.

On this occasion, in addition to a rich and captivating programme around chocolate: tales for young and old, chocolate creation workshops for kids and adults, two explanatory and entertaining exhibitions on the manufacture of chocolate, a drawing contest for kids and a big raffle, World VR Forum entertained the Crans-Montana residents with chocolate adventures in Virtual Reality for the second time. WVRF’s VR experiences included: Steam’s Cow Milking Simulator on Oculus Rift, and Oreo’s The World of Filled Cupcake and M&M’s as part of VR Cinema.

VR Screening/Cow Milking Simulator

The Cow Milking Simulator was a whimsical VR arcade game set at an ancient virtual farm, the goal was to milk the cows, collect products and make money as quickly as possible. This experience turned into an intense competition for all, as three competitors with the highest scores each won two weekend passes to WVRF18 (our Annual Summit in June).


VR Cinema

VR Cinema was screening every 10 minutes throughout the two days of the event with free access and was very popular with kids.

The World of Filled Cupcake

The World of Filled Cupcake was a 360° interactive world inspired by rich, cocoa treats demonstrating how the latest Oreo flavour is created. It was a short video introducing the public to the magical world experience of delicious Oreo creations, where the visitors had to collect the wonders of the world and to store them in vaults, each vault was inspired by the physical and emotional cues of each cookie.


Our third VR Chocolate adventure included M&M’s celebrating their 75th anniversary through VR.  M&M’s teamed up with contemporary artist Kaws and branded the art publishing icon, Visionaire to produce a new VR film. Choc Altitude guests were encouraged to try the immersive screening of the VR film, which combined the colourful nature of the M&M’s brand with the playful elements of Kaws’ artwork. Using VR alongside a 360-degree landscape, guests were taken on a journey of motifs of swirling colours, transforming shapes and mystifying perceptions working together to give fans of chocolate an experience to remember.


According to Saskia Vellas, WVRF’s Visual Communication Manager, “Choc Altitude was an excellent event for Crans-Montana residents to discover VR, as a lot of families with kids who have not tried VR before attended and had a blast with the VR medium.”