WVRF Visits Institut Français

In mid-spring, Delphine Seitiée, WVRF’s Co-Founder attended Institut Français for a series of VR related events in Paris, France, 3-8 April, 2018.

Institut Français is a government organism dedicated to promotion, putting in place the creation of creative, educational content in France and abroad and they have a section entirely dedicated to the French production of Virtual and Augmented Reality which can be found on the Culturevr website.  Institut Français runs a programme Immersive Reality Focus initiated in partnership with French Cultural Network abroad, Laval Virtual and the NewImages Festival. The programme has 20 representatives of the VR sector from all over the world.

Throughout the course of one week, Institut Français organized a tour for Seitiée, she visited Laval Virtual – a VR event including Virtual Reality International Conferences ACM VRIC Laval Virtual 2018 with keynote speakers: Mel Slater, Distinguished Investigator at the University of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain; Dr. Christian Sandor, Associate Professor at NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Peter Antoniac, CTO of Augumenta; and Naomi Roth, CEO of Virtuality for Reality and VR workshops at Laval Virtual Centre and Forum des Images in Paris.

The goal was to reinforce the collaboration between France and the rest of the world, to improve exchanges and meetings and also to assist the conference, panel and discussion around Immersive Reality,” stated Seitiée.

During the programme, Seitiee also had speed meetings with were organized. Every day Seitiée had 30 minutes to meet with the French enterprises, people, organizations to present the projects and to see which collaborations could be made.

In addition to this, Seitiée had private visits to the studios, notably DV Group in Paris, where a private demo was demonstrated to her at Laval, at Forum des Images.