The Toronto International Film Festival TIFF is one of the largest publicly attended film festivals in the world, attracting over 480,000 people annually. An entire section named POP has given space for VR at the festival this year for the last weekend.

Upstreaming the launch of POP, it is was our greatest pleasure to partner with Q-Unlocks during TIFF2016. The outcome was outstanding. Q is a major brand in the field of event management, not only building activations on leading cultural events but also creating a very special set-up, bringing high-profile professionals, celebrities and media together. All made with the finest british taste.

Alongside the LA TIMES Celebrity Studio where artists visit Jay L. Clendenin to get their pictures done, we have hosted an exclusive VR lounge. Our selection included the following titles :

High-profile celebrities in Hollywood are used to working with new techniques of filmmaking from green-screens to motion capture. Avatar is one of the greatest examples of the decade. Animation films also work with the best talents to give their characters recognizable voices.

The purpose of this spin-off event for the World VR Forum was to reach out this community to expose them to premium VR experiences and raise their interest on the medium.

We proudly offered their first VR ride to Naomi Watts, Jennifer Gardner, Michelle Rodriguez, John Shrader and many more.

It is our duty to communicate to celebrities as VR needs them for mass-adoption. These iconic figures are essential for the audience, and their active part in VR content is needed to elevate the quality of the works.

We thank Pro Helvetia Switzerland for their support on this activation.

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Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy #TIFF2016 #WVRF