WVRF & Smart Villages, technology meets with new ways of thinking

The Ecovillages forum was born in 2012 under the leadership of Michael Liebreich, then CEO of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, with the support of the Comme d’Ormont-Dessus. Initially dubbed Shift to the Green, it was born in the wake of Switzerland’s decision to leave nuclear power. The idea was to offer a platform for exchanges and debates and to present innovative projects for the Alpine valleys which could in particular inspire the village of Les Diablerets and be replicable for other regions in Switzerland and around the world. The 5th edition of Ecovillages forum on August 25, 2016 offered an Expo of around twenty stands to accompany the debates by presenting innovative technologies and projects, all coming from the 4th industrial revolution: Mobility = Conviviality.

The World VR Forum took the initiative to start the morning early by facilitating VR experiences for forum delegates on the train from Aigle to Diablerets. The more than 200+ conference participants all got a chance to experience VR on the train and throughout the day. WVRF Co-founder and President Clayton Doherty joined the elite line up of 30+ innovative speakers, including: Thierry Meyer, Rédacteur en chef de 24heures; Alexandre Bosshard, Coordinateur DTSI, projet pilote de la ville de Pully; Raphaël Rollier, responsable Smartcity chez Swisscom; Hervé Dedieu, CEO chez Novaccess; Frédéric Borloz, conseiller national et syndic d’Aigle; Guy Monnier, membre fondateur de CityZen et directeur commercial d’Ecowaste to name a few.

Speaking of how VR/AR will become a part of main stream industry, education, health and tourism were highlighted in Clayton Doherty’s presentation. Echoing the topic of how villages use ICTS, Information and Communication Technologies, WVRF was able to show how VR is integrating into everyday society enabling the provision of good education and healthcare, and demonstrated how this innovative technology can help explore environmental issues and VR tourism. Said, “Proposals for possible collaborations and synergies towards creating and providing ecological VR Experiences for the Ecovillage 2017 is something I would like to see with the World VR Forum next year”.