Asian Side of the Doc gathered major players from Asian broadcasting, from TV channels to film producers, to distributors in a very cozy and intimate setting in Bangkok, Thailand, which took place from 30 January – 2 February, 2018, is the Asian version of Sunny Side of the Doc, one of the main documentary market places in Europe, La Rochelle, France, an event for which WVRF has been partners for two years now.

Sunny Side of the Doc existed for 29 years and Asian Side existed for 8 years. Extended Reality this year was highlighted thanks to two panels. Interactivity was highlighted the first day in a workshop titled: Fit For The Future, Interactivity In Reality. Virtual Reality on the second day through the presentation of Salar Shahna, WVRF’s CEO about the current state of VR and a case study made by the Neotopy team: Alexandre Regeffe and Ivan Maucuit. It was a very compelling experience because most of the participants and delegates were not familiar with VR even though they are major players in the media and audio-visual industry of Asia.

Shahna, in his hour-long keynote, explained where we stand with VR right now, the different techniques, the main differences between VR, video and interactive VR and also the current status of the market, where can we show the content, what are the challenges and how they can come into play and specifically VR’s enormous impact on the documentary genre as the event was specifically dedicated to the documentary world.

Shahna’s presentation was followed by a detailed case study by Neotopy who have just recently produced a documentary in 2 episodes called 700 Sharks, coproduced with ARTE.

After my presentation, people had a good understanding of VR and they were able to completely follow the production process of one project thanks to my presentation,” stated Shahna. 

The event was very successful. WVRF made great contacts, it also shows the dynamism of Southeast Asia after WVRF’s trip to Singapore in December. Asian Side of the Doc was WVRF’s third encounter with Southeast Asia and the organization was excellent with great hospitality from both the team of Asian Side and the local team and we are looking forward to developing our relationship with this organization.