WVRF Shares Ultra Reality with Milano Film Festival

At the debut of autumn’s spookiest month, Salar Shahna, World VR Forum’s dedicated CEO and Creative Director brought a small piece of our vast virtual universe with 16 newest VR experiences ranging from fiction to documentary to Ultra Reality, a spectacular VR event at Base Milano Lounge produced in the context of the Milano Film Festival and co-produced by Proxima Milano, VFX production and post-production studio and BASE Milano, Milan’s stellar cultural hub with the support from Fastweb Digital Academy and World VR Forum for content in Milan, Italy, from 4-7 October, 2018.

Curated by Proxima Milano’s Aimone Bodini, Creative Producer and VR Specialist and Andrea Masera, General Manager of the studio, the exhibition consisted of VR Theatre and the visually striking installations to impress the Italian public of all ages and all walks of life, coming from the world of press, academia and fashion. For the first time ever the top two winners of the Imperial CrownTales of Wedding Rings, a one of a kind manga experience in VR from Square Enix and After Solitary, a chilling, fully immersive documentary on solitary confinement throwing you into the ruffled up skin of the prisoner by Emblematic Group and PBS’ investigative series FRONTLINE from the last two WVRF Annual Summit editions – 2017 and 2018 were both present at the event.   


Milano Film Festival attendees experiencing Ultra Reality.

In addition to the 16 stellar VR pieces, Shahna gave a detailed hour and a half lecture: “VR: So What?”. In his speech, Shahna shared the important lessons he had learned during the last four years of his immersion in the wacky VR medium. Besides sharing the many challenges of VR, Shahna attended the Festival throughout all of the four days representing Bodini’s book, Narrative Language of Virtual Reality on VR’s evolution and production techniques which was successfully sold at the venue.

"The Festival was overall very well designed, has shown best practices of the industry with excellent selection quality that was curated by Bodini, good hospitality for the volunteers and paid licence fees to the content creators. We are excited that Milano is taking this leap towards VR and are very happy of the partnership we've established with them," said Salar Shahna. 

Thanks to the partnership, WVRF will soon have a second coming in Italy this year during the Torino Short Film Market on the 22 of November with many more hip VR adventures to astonish our pizza-loving, gondola-riding neighbours with.