WVRF Shares Throne with Local Virtual Royalty at Royaume du Web

World VR Forum kicked off the final blossoming month of spring by joining the CRANS-MONTANA SNOW ISLAND booth along with Vision Art Festival and Silent Party at Royaume du Web (Web Kingdom) – the ultimate gathering of today’s young francophone stars of social media with their own YouTube and Instagram channels, at Palexpo, in Geneva, Switzerland on the weekend of 6-7 May, 2017.

At Royaume du Web, the Genevan Web-trapped millennial fandom came face to face with 52 of their cyber icons who entertain and give advice on a wide array of subjects and come from a multitude of mediums and fields, including: Comedy and Music by Norman, Seb La FriteClara Marz, Mc Fly, Carlito, Jimmy Labeeu, Jhon Rachid, Adèle, Audrey Pirault, Juliette Tresanini, Marjorie Le Noan, Poisson Fécond, Anthony Lastella, Eléonore Costes, Maxenss, Akim Omiri, Yoann Provenzano, Carac Attack and Dans la vie de Carmine; Lifestyle, Make-Up and Fashion Advice by Dear Carolina, Carolina Beauté Active, Kay, Era Dyla Hill, Sofia, Clémence, Annoa, Beautifulk, Nathaliesmind, Chico Nono & Co, Nathalie Clds and Worldofadvice; Travel and Culture by  Le Grand JDAnil B, Style tonic, AnnaRvr, Amin, Valentine Awwway, Morgane Schaller and OhmyKath; Gaming by Amixem, Superkonar, Chelxie, and Psyko17; Film and Video Production Advice by Sofyan; Photography and Multimedia by Nicolas Stajic and Alexandre PGS; Technology by Jojol; and Literature by Margaud Liseuse, Bulledop, Lili bouquine, Les lectures de NiNe and Moody Take a book.

For its first edition, Royaume du Web partnered up with 25 leading Swiss companies: Crans-Montana Absolutely, WOAH (Where Only Awesome Happens), CREA Groupe INSEEC, SECURIATS, UBS, SIG, InterContinental Genève, 20 minutes, One FM, RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse), Tribune de Genève, TV5 MONDE, TGV Lyria, CERN, GENEVA LIVE TOURISM, Helvé Cie le monde sous vos yeux, Red zone, PAYOT LIBRAIRE, SIMPLEDEE Développement d’Application Mobiles, Geneva Gaming Convention, mediaprofil production audiovisuelle, DEBOUT SUR LA TABLE, MSP TECHNIQUES DU SPECTACLE, BVS BROADCAST & WEBCAST MULTI-CAMERAS and amplitude. Many of the companies exhibited their latest projects and provided the cyber era’s public with interactive activities along with the local virtual royalty throughout the two days of the event.

Creative and diverse, the Franco-Swiss pantheon of vloggers and bloggers did not fail to astonish and amuse their loyal fan base. However, there was one micro albeit equally compelling corner of Web Kingdom which was not represented by the online kings and queens – Virtual Reality. Nevertheless, the WVRF team showcased this corner in all its colours and dimensions, immersing the tweens and teens present in a bountiful variety of VR games on the HTC VIVE station and headsets in the exhibition section along with the CRANS-MONTANA SNOW ISLAND booth (as Crans-Montana is one of Switzerland’s leading ski resorts and the permanent host of WVRF’s Annual Summitwhich takes place in mid-May).

“Though VR has not yet established a strong presence on the Web and is not well known, it is the media of tomorrow for which there is a big push and demand at Royaume du Web as it has captivated online stars and their fans alike,” said Delphine Seitiee, WVRF’s Executive Director and COO."

In fact, according to Seitiee and Salar Shahna, WVRF’s Creative Director and CEO, there is a good chance that the Virtual Reality phenomenon might soon create a new breed of Web-based personalities for the coming editions of Royaume du Web – VRloggers with their three-dimensional, 360° VRlogs, entangling the future cyber-hooked generations of social network dwellers from head to toe in their virally shared, high-tech tuned adventures, spinning the World Wide Web into the ever-expanding virtual cosmos of infinite progress and creativity.