WVRF Provides Their Expertise at CreativeXR

CreativeXR developed by Digital Catapult  and Arts Council England, with support from Innovate UK, invited Delphine Seitiee, World VR Forum’s Co-Founder, as a decision maker for their one-day event, in London, England, on 28 March, 2018.

Focused on the arts, CreativeXR is a programme which gives creative talents the opportunity to experiment with immersive technologies to create new experiences that inspire audiences. CreativeXR provides the best creative teams with the opportunity to develop their VR/AR/MR projects in the prototype stage, offering access to development funding, facilities, industry leaders and commissioning bodies.

The event included 1,000 registrations of interest, 250+ applications and 20k pounds maximum funding for every successful applicant.

At CreativeXR 20 VR/AR project prototypes were chosen for development by the jury, consisting of: Catherine Allen, Founder and Director of Limina Immersive; Verity McIntosh, Pervasive Media Studio Managing Producer at Watershed Media Centre; and Kim-Leigh Pontin, Creative Interaction Director of VR / AR / MR Sky VR Studios. All the teams were from England and had the chance to do a five-minute pitch on the stage. At noon, it was time to test the experiences. The format was very high quality, top chromo, very clear and organized. The projects were tested in a very intimate atmosphere with around 60 people.

Seitiee attended the conference and met with the creators, discovered the projects, gave advice on the projects, choosing some for co-production and for WVRF’s Annual Summit in June.

According to Seitiee, "the event was very productive and gave an excellent overview of today’s projects on England’s territory searching for funding."