WVRF Goes Into the Game

At the brink of the tanning and surfing season, the World VR Forum team went Into the Game, a convention dedicated to the “geek” culture of video gaming to introduce VR games on mobile devices to a diverse Valisan public of all ages in Conthey, Valais, Switzerland, 27 May 2017.

Into The Game offered a wide array of activities, games – both old and new (from the very first generation to the current one), contests, meetings with Youtubers, book signings, lectures and presentations of new games and new technologies.

VR was represented at the event by WVRF,  Playstation VR, OZWE and Geneva Gaming Convention. VR played a revolutionary role in the game exhibition as the public was mostly from Valais, consisting of families and lot of young children for whom this new media was a discovery.

Our game menu, bountiful in genre and content, included: Aquarium War by Exploration; Action Box VR Studio by PolyRunner VR and Course Lucid Sight, Inc.; Rangi by Exploration, Puzzle Digigo and Funsoft; Sammy VR by Horreur Alawar; and Slice & Dice by Logique VRotein Slice & Dice.

Many gamers came to our booth to try the VR mobiles games. Aquarium War by Exploration was a favourite for many children with its vibrant interactive graphics and fish-devouring action from all corners of the underwater kingdom.

The event was a huge success and a lot of fun for the children and their families, stimulating their curiosity and immersing them into the slippery, head-spinning digital playground of the 21st century.