VR Rough Cut was another activity that World VR Forum attended at RIDM (Rencontre Internationale Documentaire de Montréal) (Montréal International Documentary Festival) and The Doc Circuit Market there in Montréal, Canada, from 9-19 November, 2017.

The traditional Rough Cut spiced things up by breaking ground with a VR session. The session involved going behind the scenes of MANIC-VR with a group discussion on ethics, interactivity and the work process behind a VR project that aims to show a neuro-atypical world in a sensory medium. During the activity, the project’s crew: Bob Moore, Sandra Rodriguez and Fred Casia from EyeSteelFilm, Nicolas S. Roy from Dpt. and Kalina Bertin presented their unfinished VR documentary project to a panel of experts in interactive narrative, user experience (UX), stereo sound and documentary production.

The experts consisted of: Salar Shahna, WVRF’s CEO; Voyelle Acker, Virgule’s Digital Creation Consultant; Clint Beharry, WITHIN’s Interaction Designer; Paul Bouchard, Wide VR’s Founder; Arnaud Colinart, Atlas 5’s Producer; Fred Volhuer, Atlas5’s Co-Founder; Nyla Innuksuk, NKSK’s VR Film Producer and Kim-Leigh Pontin, Kimeleon TV’s and Sky VR Studio’s Creative Director.

The project’s crew immersed the experts in an in-depth exploration of the project’s many facets and technical challenges, and received feedback and constructive criticism on the user’s psychological and physiological engagement with the experience.

Rough Cut was very interesting, we were presented with projects currently in the making in VR, and we were offered to give our opinions and perspectives,” said Shahna.