The World VR Forum introduced the newest technology to one of the most successful family of schools in Asia, Dulwich College International (DCI) last February in Suzhou, China. Eight International Schools, two International High Schools and one sister school throughout China, South Korea, Myanmar and Singapore, all based on the ethos and history of Dulwich College London, founded in 1619. So 400 years later WVRF introduced to the Founding Directors and Heads of Academic Leadership for DCI Virtual Reality: Transforming Learning with a New Narrative Form.

Clayton Doherty, Co-founder/President of World VR Forum, provided a Virtual Reality demonstration for DCI’s Steering Committee meeting. The participants used the room as a canvas to create 3D artwork, went to a music concert, explored dinosaurs, and visited a Syrian refugee camp all through VR. VR technology is quickly advancing to be a seamless, deep and emotionally connected learning experience.  As Virtual Reality expands beyond the realm of military, aviation and medical training to more mainstream applications of learning, schools are poised to take advantage of this strengths of this innovation to redefine learning.

According to Doherty, “VR is not just for gaming anymore. Like the introduction of radio or television, in their day these new delivery systems changed our feelings about the world we live in. VR will fundamentally change the landscape of how we experience many stories.”

Many attending the meeting agreed that Virtual Reality would have a positive effect on their students. Simulating experiences relevant to course content like flying as the Wright Brothers did in 1903 or exploring outer space, is the New Frontier in education. Subjects that would most benefit from VR where discussed including science, history, social studies, art, English literature and engineering, but the possibilities are endless.