WVRF @China Internet Conference – Salar Shahna

China’s 15th Internet Conference organized by the ISC (Internet Society of China) took place at Beijing International Convention Center in the midst of everyone’s favorite season, 21-23 June, 2016.  

The ISC is a Chinese non-governmental organization made up of 140 members of the Chinese Internet industry including private companies, schools and research institutes. Supported by Chinese government authorities such as the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Education and the State Council Information Office, ISC describes itself as “the country’s first non-governmental regulator for the internet industry.”

Invited to join the 15th China Internet Conference amongst leaders of web based technologies such as Tencent, Uber and China Mobile; Salar Shahna, Creative Director and CEO of World VR Forum was acclaimed for his dynamic and powerful speech on new horizons offered by virtual reality, with an introduction in Chinese, at the Global Internet Development Trends and Technological Innovation Forum which he delivered on June 22.

WVRF held a temporary exhibition in the heart of the venue to let the attendees experience VR. The theme of the 2016 CIC was “Fostering the Prosperity of Internet Economy, Promoting the Construction of a Cyberpower” delivered a bountiful cyber field menu which included: sharing economy, mobile Internet, industry Internet, Internet finance, Internet medical, Internet innovation and startup, cyber security, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and VR. The Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China, Vice Minister of Cyberspace Administration of China along with several inductees of the Internet Hall of Fame: Prof. Werner Zorn, Prof. Kilnam Chon, and Madam Qiheng HU graced the Conference with their regal presence.

WVRF’s presence at the ISC Conference allowed to raise awareness of the key Internet players on the importance of VR, and the need to guarantee open and high-speed internet for all to allow a seamless integration of VR applications in all regions of the world. The increase in the resolution of VR headsets will also require an even higher bandwidth on mobile internet to stream the content.

With 10,000 participants, 25 different forums, 500 speakers, 500 media representatives, 1000 companies and organizations, the ISC Conference made a high-tech impact on the trendy Beijing community.

China Internet Conference - Salar Shahna keynote