Slush is a high-tech extravaganza event dedicated to startups, technology innovation and VR which has taken place for several years in Helsinki, and includes several spin-offs, for Shanghai it was the 2nd edition, on 12-13 October, 2017.

WVRF’s CEO, Salar Shahna participated in Slush Shanghai as a panelist in one of the only VR panels. The composition of the panel speakers was coordinated by Ellen Kuo, WVRF’s Director, Market and Partnerships. The panel consisted of: Shahna, James Fong, CEO of JAUNT China, and  CC Young from CRCM, an investment fund. The idea was to have three different personalities from different backgrounds: James Fong from the content side, CC Young on the investment side as company CRCM has already invested in many content studios such as Felix & Paul from Canada and BAOBAB from the USA.  

The panelists shared their perspective on VR development. The panel was moderated by Aijing Cao from MegaVision Group, in that panel Shahna was representing WVRF as a festival international institution, WVRF’s point of view and presenting VR. The panel had a large audience, packing full house with 30-minute debates about the challenges and opportunities that come with VR, and emphasizing that Slush being all about startups is a great space for VR despite some of the worries that the public could have since the market is still very young.

The market is not crowded yet so we think it’s a great space for startups to invest in because they do not have too many competitors right now and the future opportunities are great but it demands to have a long term vision and strength because the return on investment is not immediate,” said Shahna.

The stimulating debate on VR and its prospects was followed by an intense q&a with the audience in another part of the event, called Slush Café. Overall, the production quality of Slush was amazing, with warm welcoming of the speakers, the local team from Slush was also amazing, good balance between different speakers from different industries and social events at Slush, and a great model for European events bringing its franchise to China.