WVRF Brings VR to Autodesk’s Design Night Switzerland

World VR Forum was honoured to celebrate the magic of technology at the second edition of Design Night Switzerland organized by Autodesk with a selection of hand-picked, high quality Swiss and international VR experiences at La Case-à-Chocs, Neuchâtel, on the 19th of October 2017.

Since 2012, every first Thursday of the month, Autodesk – a software production company organizes a Design Night at its headquarters in San Francisco, California, welcoming students, aficionados and professionals interested in the evolution of design, creation and manufacturing, in other words: The Future of Making Things. The most famous names in the field of design have come to share their knowledge and experience during the series of these thematic after-work events.

Last year’s edition which also took place in Neuchâtel offered the unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of robotics. The nearly 450 guests were invited to listen to a talk from a robotics expert, to experience and apprehend extraordinary robots, all while enjoying networking drinks and food with robotic-inspired music in the background.

Since last year’s edition was a great success, the Autodesk’s Design Night Switzerland made a comeback this year to democratize technology for all. This time it was all about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing, in short: The Augmented Age!

According to Aurélia Guillaume-Fabbri, Communications Manager at Autodesk, from her interview for Calmos, Couleur 3, Radio Télévision Suisse on 18 October, “We often talk about the future of technology, but, in fact, this technology is no longer science fiction, we already have it right now. Last year we showcased robotics and this year it is AR and VR, so a lot of devices that we can use right now.”


VR cinema by World VR Forum

The public opening was from 6 p.m. – 10.30 p.m. Autodesk amused the public with their super interactive Virtual Museum, where all the installations could be touched and played with while WVRF presented a VR Cinema with a selection of VR movies, IAO VR, a Mixed Reality Studio and the Apelab project Break a Leg.

You can check out all projects presented by World VR Forum here.

Other projects from other organizations also stunned with their interactivity and creativity: Scan, Digitize, Explore and Projects in Perspective from NEWISIn The Woods and Le Monde des Montagnes from Camille Scherrer; 3D Impression Workshop from Shapeways; and TOTEMI – an interactive mobile application for travelers from Talk to me S.à.r.l.

Mixed Reality Studio by World VR Forum

Presentations by major VR producers such as Stéphane Intissar, CEO of Ozwe Games, who talked about opportunities with VR specifically for the Swiss microcosm also impressed and enlightened the attending public.

More than 500 technology lovers attended, most of which consisted of a curious young public of college students and young professionals, though anyone from cradle to golden years was welcome to join.