WVRF Brings VR to Art Dubai

This spring WVRF’s Co-Founders, Delphine Seitiee and Salar Shahna took off to the Middle East for Art Dubai – an international art fair where many galleries from around the world gather to present the latest collection of contemporary art in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 20-23 March, 2018.

This year WVRF supported one exhibition for the screening of the VR film Reframe Saudi directed by Matteo Lonardi who directed another film – Reframe Iran, which was distinguished at WVRF Annual Summit 2016. Reframe Saudi which was presented at Art Dubai, tells the story of several Saudi artists: Dana Awartani, Ahmad Angawi, Rashed Al Shashai, Ajlan Gharem, Jameela Mater, Ahaad Alamoudi, Fatima Jaber, Ali Mogawi, Ayman Yossri Daydban and Latifa Algosaibi. The screening was organized in collaboration with Misk Art Institute and Culturunners. The film transports the viewers to the studios of the artists where each reflects on a different aspect of this transformative time.


It was a fantastic VR experience which stood out as it was the only representation of VR there and we were happy to present it,” said Shahna.


The people of Dubai and all the international guests were very pleased to see VR in the context of an art fair and the content of the film itself has really pleased the crowds because it offers a whole new perspective on Saudi Arabia – a country which is not always known for its artists, but which nevertheless exist and were present at the fair. For four days WVRF held screenings every day in an ideal space within the fair. It was a very beautiful installation.

WVRF also had a panel on the 23rd of March moderated by Marisa Mazria-Katz from Culturunners. Other panellists included Shahna, Lonardi, Pierre Depaz – from NYU Abu Dhabi and one of the women artists from the film.


During the panel we exposed the state of VR today in the context of contemporary art and the production of Reframe Saudi and the future of this project,” said Shahna.


We are really happy to team up with this project as WVRF because we are going to be collaborating further on showcasing this project in different locations.