At this year’s DBS (Digital Broadcasting Symposium), ABU partnered up with the WVRF team, led by its dedicated Co-Founders Salar Shahna and Delphine Seitiee and Ellen Kuo, Director of Market and Partnerships to bring a unique VR Masterclass to DBS which showcased state-of-the-art VR storytelling and content creation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 6-8 May, 2018.

The core mission of the Masterclass was to present VR as a true art form to bring an unparalleled experience of storytelling and content creation. It was the first time that ABU has demonstrated immersive VR technology at DBS.

Concept and Format

Throughout DBS 2018, WVRF presented the immersive VR Masterclass in the form of a “classroom”, delivering 8 sessions over the course of DBS. Each session lasted about 60 minutes, combining 30-35 minutes of synchronized VR experiences carefully chosen by WVRF, followed by 20 minutes of experience-sharing and an intense q & a from the participants.

During each session, a group of up to 10 participants were guided by the WVRF team to experience the latest cutting-edge medium of communication. An average of 3 to 5 experiences, with a focus on new VR content that emerge around the world were showcased during each session.


At the end of the VR Masterclass, the following objectives were successfully met:

 Participants learned methods for combining story structure, interaction, and user experience design that utilise the full potential available with VR technology.

 Participants explored how some organizations are taking the lead in experimenting with new forms of VR content creation and what makes them successful.

 Participants discovered how VR presents a space beyond physical limits to create something that would not be possible in the real world.

With more than 80 participants, the VR masterclass was an instant hit among the visitors at DBS this year. In total, 82 participants benefited from the Masterclass in 8 sessions that were conducted over the course of 3 days at DBS.  The event marked the beginning of a strong professional partnership between ABU and WVRF, with ABU planning to attend WVRF Annual Summit in Crans-Montana, in June.