In late autumn, World VR Forum attended RIDM (Rencontre Internationale Documentaire de Montréal) (Montréal International Documentary Festival) and The Doc Circuit Market there in Montréal, Canada, from 11-15 November, 2017.

One of the highlights of this event was this year’s specialty, VR HUB Montreal (HubMTL) – a series of activities related to VR: exhibition, talks and panels. Salar Shahna, WVRF’s CEO participated in the panel: “VR Distribution: Rethinking how to find your audience” on 13 November. Shahna presented WVRF’s input in circulating the VR works in festivals around the world,  and our plans for VR distribution in China. So far, our distribution system includes more than 100 projects circulating at more than 20 events at festivals.

Shahna’s panel included three other people: Fred Volhuer, Business and Development of Atlas 5, a VR production company based in France, Paul Bouchard Founder of Wide VR, Wide company specializes in indie distribution of films, and Dominique Willieme, Director of Programmes at ARTE, the French channel. The panel was moderated by Isabelle Bourduas, Game, Animation and VR Producer.

Fred Volhuer talked about his challenges as Producer with VR, Atlas 5 is looking for fund distributors from VR distributors of presales, to get money from distributors before the projects are funded but its not the case at the moment. Paul Bouchard discussed how it’s been one year since Wide VR expended their activities to cinematic VR and he explained their strategy for distribution, notably that he thinks it is a bit different from cinema as the project could already be available to the public on Gear VR or other devices but at the same time enter festival or location-based distribution. Finally Dominique Willieme from ARTE, the French channel, mostly explaining how ARTE distributes through their app since ARTE has their own app and their results so far.

It was a very passionate debate where we exposed our different point of views as we come from diverse backgrounds,” said Shahna. 

Within the same event was the Face to Face where Shahna was invited as one of the decision makers  to meet people who wanted to pitch their projects, different teams came for advice. Overall it was a stimulating and exciting event for the VR innovators of today.