CIO Academy Asia was honoured to be a supporter of IMDA’s VR X Singapore Media Festival Ignite 2017. Together with our technology partner, Forcepoint, we hosted a CIO Business Networking Lunch with domain practitioners to discuss how immersive technology creates opportunities for businesses in the various industry verticals in Singapore, on 29 November.

WVRF invited by IMDA in Singapore by Infocom Media Development Authority, the government, statutory boarding Singapore government to regulate and develop the convergence between Infocom and media sectors. WVRF invited by IMDA to participate to the VR X SMG IGNITE, it was a special VR programme within the Singapore Media Festival and the Asia TV Forum and Market so several events were held together and it was really amazing and huge. Most of the big companies were there, all the Asian TV and film broadcasters, distributors and also the big American ones, CIO Academy Asia,a booth within this event, specific VR activities within VR X SMG IGNITE, programmes within a bigger event.

Salar Shahna, WVRF’s CEO spoke at CIO Academy Asia on How VR can help businesses and during X SMG IGNITE focused on creative culture industries and how VR can help that. Executive Lunch, Shahna gave a speech and took part in a panel with Alex Coopers from DHL, who talked about how VR is benefiting DHL, Pravine Astana, one of the sponsor spoke about cyber security, and Paul Lim, who’s a VR producer. At the event, WVRF was happy to meet with the business people and bankers, they were excited about the potential of VR. Both consciousnesses are very successful.

We can see that in southeast Asia there is a big attraction for VR, it’s still growing, there are not so many companies, IMDA in Singapore could become one of the strong hubs in the region and the government is very successful with the technology,” said Shahna. 

Also in Singapore, they have created an incubator to help startups and young people jump to VR and new technologies. Overall, amazing event, great people, very diverse, and shows the leading position of Singapore in the region.