The Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, France is the largest international documentary market. WVRF was at the 28th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc to present a selection of movies in Synchronized Screening. Located in the heart of the innovation centre, this space gathered participants with 20 innovative worldwide programmes with more than 2,100 participants representing 60 different countries, and 500 exhibitors with 113 stands, 19-22 June.

Immersive documentary is one of the most important genres in live action passive VR. Sunny Side gathers many major European broadcasters who might  become major stakeholders of the VR production in Europe in the near future. The selection of the content was done by Sunny Side with consultation from WVRF.    

WVRF was in the Pixii area, a place dedicated to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Immersive Reality. Lots of great companies were present there and at the market area, Art of Corner, L’ecole des Océans, 44 Screens, Bachibouzouk, Upian, Narrative, Mosquito, Reseau Canope, Ecpad, CNC, and Groupe AB. WVRF met some VR content creators and also creators of software and hardware from Brazil, China and France.

In the morning WVRF had professional visitors, so most of them knew VR already but they were all glad to see the content. In the afternoon only the general public was allowed, so most of the visitors were trying VR for their first time. They were impressed by the immersive aspect of the films but some of them were disappointed about the quality of the mobile screening.

Sunny Side is a French event but gathered people from all around the world. The country of Honour was Canada. WVRF met the Chinese delegation, the Taiwanese one, Brazilian, French, Belgium, Ireland, England. I think that most of the world was represented in La Rochelle.

Sunny Side is a great event to better understand  the Documentary world and WVRF met a lot of great people who are very interested to make connections with World VR Forum. The whole Pixii selection was great.Though VR was not the centre of the event, WVRF has showed that it’s a new powerful tool and could be used more for the documentaries.