World VR Lab Hosts Industry Visit at Freestudios

In the midst of Switzerland’s hottest summer yet, World VR Forum partnered up with Freestudios – a leading Swiss production and post-production company to present the World VR Lab to several members of Virtual Switzerland (our country’s National Thematic Network) and to the public which consisted of WVRF Annual Summit attendees and their families at the Freestudios building, in Geneva, on the evening of 28 June, 2017.

Promoting Switzerland’s creativity as well as artistic and technological skills in the field of VR is one of the battlegrounds of WVRF. The World VR Lab is a VR creation and development platform run by both WVRF and Freestudios in collaborative harmony. The Lab proposes to inspire, support and encourage Switzerland’s audiovisual authors, directors and technicians. This includes production, publications, meetings, exchanges, development, and projects distribution.

VR offers a new field of creativity to the audiovisual and film industries, in which Switzerland has already proven its worth and which opens up real prospects for artistic and economic growth.

During the open house evening at the Lab, the World VR Lab team introduced its current projects and talked about the world of possibilities that VR exploration offers in this hub of creativity and technology.

With a tour of the Lab, presentations from Delphine Setiee, WVRF’s COO and Clayton Doherty, WVRF’s President on WVRF, Boris Robisseau of Freestudios on Freestudios, Richard Johnson and Marion Duvan on their Loop project on 360° narration, Brigitte Hunkeler, Architect from IAO VR and Remy Fioretti, 3D Generalist / VR Developer also from IAO VR on virtual buildings, Maria Guta, on her iMultiply project on virtual cloning and a VR cinema session with the following VR short films of varying lengths: Out of the Blue by Sophie Ansel, La Tentation de St. Antoine by Les Poissons Volants from France,  Ex/Static by Quba Michalski, from the USA, Pearl by Google Spotlight, from the USA, Las Meninas of Velasquez by Carlos Franklin of Les Poissons Volants, from France, Through You by Saschka Unseld and Lily Baldwin, from the USA, the event was a networking success.