World VR Forum, SOMNIACS and swissnex China inaugurate the world premiere of Birdly’s Jurassic Flight in Shanghai at Jaunt China’s Fantasy Land exhibition 

The astounding VR flight simulator Birdly has been showcased at Fantasy Land since 2 August 2018. This was Jaunt China’s first VR exhibition curated by the very dedicated Roger Yang, featuring 28 immersive experiences from their 300+ library collection in Shanghai’s Taikoo Hui mall for one month until 2 September 2018.

The public debut of Birdly in Mainland China was made possible thanks to the World VR Forum who connected SOMNIACS and Jaunt China. It is in June 2018 at WVRF’s Annual Summit in Crans-Montana that our CEO and Creative Director, Salar Shahna introduced SOMNIACS’ inventor, Max Rheiner to Jaunt China’s leader, James Fong encouraging a mutual collaboration. Since Birdly’s prototype launch in 2013, the VR flight experience has been praised and acclaimed by the audience around the globe. This is the first time that the Mainland Chinese has been presented with the chance to equally enjoy the power of flying after a limited presentation at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing this summer during the Innovation week.

To celebrate the success and symbol of the month-long exhibition, Felix Moesner CEO of swissnex China and WVRF hosted a special private event – the world premiere of Birdly’s newest exclusive content, Jurassic Flight in which the viewers get to fly over our long extinct predecessors, the dinosaurs on 30 August, which was also available to the public on the last weekend of the display, on 1-2 September.

WVRF, Jaunt China and swissnex China invited Chinese curators, exhibitors, investors, distributors, content creators and media to introduce the power of Birdly’s universal interface to new realities. This is just the beginning as we expect Birdly to become a standard in the future and to have more content produced for the state-of-the art flying machine as SOMNIACS is open to establish co-productions with interested selected parties.

On the same day of the private event, swissnex China and WVRF hosted “Interfacing with Extended Realities”, a lecture in collaboration with Tongji University to emphasize on the crucial balance between academics and entertainment in the VR space. The conference was under the patronage of Ellon Leo, Head of the Animation Program College of Arts and Media. The professor’s presentation was followed by an exclusive masterclass presented by Rheiner and a keynote on content creation in China from Qing Shao, CEO from the top Chinese VR studio, VR Times.

During the afternoon lecture the Shanghai audience was super enthusiastic for Rheiner’s speech which took place at the venue sponsored by RDR with a stunning, futuristic view of Shanghai.

 "We can foresee amazing collaboration happening between the keynote speakers, especially Tongji University with an outstanding VR department and the studio VR Times with Qing Shao, as well as a potential VR collaboration between Rheiner and Shao on content production," said Shahna.

WVRF’s ultimate goal was to connect the Swiss and Chinese industries. The event was very successful and enjoyed by all. It triggered new connections between both parties, especially during the cocktail hour in the evening and during the launch of the Jurassic Flight with lots of positive feedback. Moesner, Rheiner, Fong and Shahna toasted Swiss wine for the future of our collaboration. Moesner and Erwin Lühti, Deputy Consul General, Culture, Media and Education Consulate of Shanghai also had a blast teleporting to the Jurassic period.

According to Shahna, this is a gigantic step towards the development of on one hand the Birdly machine in China as an interface to the VR world and on the other hand on potential content production between China and Switzerland.