Towards the winter’s grand finale, World VR Forum’s Visual Communication Designer – Daniela Gouveia took part in Think Tank, e-ESVMD (Ecole Supérieure en Visual Merchandising Design), a round table on e-Commerce, organized by Brigitte Beeler at CEPV (Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel de Vevey) in Vevey, Switzerland, bringing together various personalities from the luxury watchmaking industry, virtual and augmented reality and visual merchandising design on a chilly Friday afternoon of 17 February, 2017.

The round table’s topic was “How to integrate e-attitude of a more and more established consumer in your future Retail concepts?”.  Research and development in Swiss watchmaking, e-Luxe, e-Retail and e-Culture were explored at the event. The round table allowed interaction with a number of brand representatives: Roger Dubuis, Corum, Pozzo Styling, DiETLiN Artisans; specialists in development of Retail VR/AR reality: Digital Kingdom with their VR Lab, WVRF; and e – Strategy Developers and 3D Display printers: d3D Print.

According to Gouveia, who represented both WVRF and her Alma Mater – ESVMD, “Think Tank was a very interesting event with stimulating debates dedicated to giving a new dimension to the ancient art of watchmaking, promoting it within the new medium of VR and AR, to boost the sales and to attract the young, millennial generation, which is why in addition to major watch brands, CEPV’s students and professors participated in the event.

There were three student presentations on their VR projects for a small yet charming museum in Vevey, dedicated to architecture and design, and one presentation by a professor of 3D design (who is also an Interactive Media Designer at Digital Kingdom) on Digital Kingdom’s VR Lab.

The debating process helped the students understand the key issues and needs of the watch brands as well as to bring their fresh ideas to the table to help the Swiss watchmaking industry stay on top of today’s trends and constantly evolving modern society as it leaps deep into the progressive, high-tech, digitally-immersive future of the 21st century.

After the lively and engaging debate session, the watch industry’s ability to not only measure the time but also to keep up with the times, was demonstrated through an exhibition of their latest watch models along with their representation through VR and AR technology, spinning their clockwork 360 degrees.