World VR Forum conquers Lisbon at EBU Digital Media Days

Hosted by the RTP (Radio Television Portugal), EBU Digital Media Days took place in Lisbon, Portugal, toward the month’s grand finale, 23-25 January, 2017.

Represented by Ellen Kuo, Head of Market Development and Daniela Gouveia, Visual Communication Designer, World VR Forum was invited in the context of World VR Café to share a number of VR projects, originally made in Europe with European public service broadcasters.

EBU stands for European Broadcasting Union, it is the World Leading Alliance of Public Service Media (PSM) operating Eurovision and Euroradio services with 73 members in 56 countries in Europe, as well as 34 associates in Asia, Africa and the Americas. EBU’s members operate approximately 2,000 television and radio channels together with numerous online platforms. Together they reach an audience of more than one billion people around the world, broadcasting in more than 120 languages.

EBU participants were very enthusiastic to try VR contents with topics ranging from fiction, erotic art and sports to documentary, live action and fine art. It was a great honour for WVRF to be able to join the PSM professionals and present one of the new ways of storytelling in the digital era of virtual reality. Despite the fast growth of VR in today’s digital communication, we see a great potential of incorporating VR into the broadcasting industry. WVRF looks forward to working with EBU and its members in the future.

EBU - Lisbon


Iryna Dzyubynska, Corporate Journalist at WVRF