WAN-IFRA Master Class in Journalism at WVRF 2017

Last October, World VR Forum was a guest speaker at the World Publishing Expo in Vienna, organized by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI). With more than 6,000 attending, the end result of our participation was the further development of the immersion of VR and Journalism.

Led by Stephen Fozard, Project Director, Global Alliance for Media Innovation and WAN-IFRA, in partnership with Andrew Robotham from the University of Neuchâtel, WVRF took on the task of offering a VR Master Class and creating VR Journalistic Experiences during the Annual Summit. The programme involved inviting up to nine professional journalists from around the world (Associated Press, L’Echo, Bilan, La Vanguardia, Beobachter, Monde, NMG’s Saturday Nation, and Sunnmorsposten) representing the USA, Mexico, Kenya, Belgium, Norway, France and Switzerland who took a three-day class in 360 Journalism. The results were sensational for all.

The Class was supported by a team of experts including: Martin Heller, 360° video Journalist and Founder of Berlin based IntoVR; from The RINGER Dominik Baumann, Multimedia and VR Producer for Swiss media BLICK; Andrew Perkis, Global Alliance for Media Innovation and Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; and Loic Bailliard, Journalist and Photographer and VR Trainer for GoPro.

The Master Class was also supported by three guest speakers including: Fifer Garbesi, a Virtual Reality documentarian from Northern California focusing on underground culture who has produced award-winning content in Ghana, Tanzania, Cuba, Spain, and The United States; Carl Guyenette, a philosophizing futurist, computer scientist and creative technologist from London who posed the question, “What is Virtual Reality’s role in the future evolution of human consciousness?”; and Dr. Barbara Lippe, a video-game-art-director-turned-actor perfectly bridging interactive and dramatic principles.

From the theoretical approach to VR filmmaking, multimedia and VR, the Master Class participants were challenged with; what is VR journalism, what is the challenges shooting 360° and how to tell a story in 360° all while understanding sensor based storytelling, having hands-on with an Omni camera while learning the best practices and things to keep in mind while shooting in 360°. After three days of intense training, filming and editing three VR journalistic experiences were launched on Facebook, which are listed below.

Mountain Bike:

Les Bisses:

WVRF Forum: