Tesla – The Supercomputer Vehicle at WVRF 2017

Through VR you can walk around Times Square or drive an amazing car, immerse yourself in a video game or an interactive movie with no physical limits. Tesla electric cars – the brilliant invention of the genius Elon Musk, light years ahead of its time, are just like VR, to understand them you need to experience them, and we guarantee that you will love them!

For its second Annual SummitWorld VR Forum teamed up with Tesla Motors again to offer a wonderlicious test drive to our participants in amazing Crans-Montana throughout all four days, with the Tesla S and the new Model X. It let the participants get carried away and go home with a 360° video sponsored by Ricoh Theta S.

Conference participant Tim Schmittler from Project360 posted on Facebook his Tesla experience throughout Crans-Montana and had more than 24,000 views so far.

Needless to say, the dandy, high-tech automobiles did not go unnoticed at our event. The vehicles were never void of drivers and passengers, as no one wanted to miss their chance to go on the ultimate voyage in these futuristic, revolutionary carriages.