Synesthesia suit, full body immersive VR experience @SIGGRAPH2016

Touch and be touched, haptic feedback is one of the most anticipated feature to push fully the immersion in virtual reality. Japanese Keio Media Design University Team* presented a new way to live VR experience by adding body sensations through 24 vibro‐tactile actuators distributed over your shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, back of the hand, hip, thigh, knee, shin, instep, stomach and back, all stitched in a Velcro easy‐to‐wear suite and available for various body sizes. Fully equipped the player looks like a character coming straight out of Tron.

Vibrations are synchronized with music and interactions of your character with game elements. After a minute, this suit makes you naturally dance while playing. Clever and gentle scene actions feedback finish the sensation of being really part of the game surrounded by four subwoofers for deeper immersion in 3D VR.

They made the haptic effects by recording tactile signals from the real environment or modulating prerecorded sound effects. The haptic effects inundate the user’s entire body by designing the spatial pattern based on the phantom sensation phenomena.

Siggraph 2016 haptic

*Yukari Konishi, Nobuhisa Hanamitsu, Kouta Minamizawa, Benjamin Outra, Ayahiko Sato and Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, Rhizomatiks Co. Ltd., Enhance games, inc.

Pierre-Edouard Hunkeler, CTO

Synesthesia Suit: the full body immersive experience from Nobuhisa HANAMITSU on Vimeo.