Special Programmes Immerse and Amaze at WVRF 2017

Immersive, mesmerizing, transcendent are just some of the few adjectives that come to mind when describing the VR and AR experiences in the Special Programmes section of the WVRF’s Annual Summit’s second edition which were available to all attendees present at Le Regent Congress Center, in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, 11 – 14 May, 2017.

Six original Extended Reality experiences: Augmented Creativity from ETH ZürichChronogram from EPFL+ECAL LabGoogle Earth VR from GoogleMeta 2 Demo from MetaNow: Zero from Zhdk; and Tag Heuer from Tag Heuer captivated the crowd with their high-tech futuristic nature.

Augmented CreativityBridging the Real and Virtual World to Enhance Creative Play from ETH Zurich Game Technology Center brought the real and virtual worlds together through amusing interactive activities for children such as bringing colouring book characters to life, music composition, and altering of famous paintings. It had both a playful and an educational side to it.

Chronogram from EPFL+ECAL Lab revealed the scale and richness from a sample of 260 years of archives from the watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin, fusing time keeping and keeping up with the times.

Google Earth VR from Google gave a chance to experience Google Earth in Virtual Reality, 3D and in 360°, it was a fully immersive, geographically realistic experience.

Meta 2 Demo from Meta was the ultimate Augmented Reality engine, Meta 2’s game-changing breakthroughs in optics included a full 90° field of view and 2560 x 1440 high-dpi display.

Now: Zero from Glitch Artists Collective, Zhdk was a multisensory VR experience, where one shrank to the size of an ant in a busy urban setting, bounced off giant platforms, got blown away by wind, and often ran from incoming traffic and pedestrians to avoid being crushed. Many described this experience as frightening.

Tag Heuer from Tag Heuer offered several entertaining VR experiences, such as discovering the Carrera heritage, Nuit de la Glisse and racing with the BMC Racing Team.

The experiences were popular and gathered many visitors daily, anxious to discover all the charms of the virtual worlds.