Grand adventures in VR await the residents of Zurich, Switzerland this Thursday, as Fusion Arena Virtual Reality Center, the largest free-roaming VR arcade in Europe will officially open its doors to anyone daring to step foot into Pandally AG’s whimsical virtual universe on the 1st of March, 2018.

Pandally AG brings Virtual Reality environments to life with the most advanced technology on the market which includes free movement, sensation and human interaction in the VR space.

Ronny Tobler, the CEO of Pandally AG who’s been in the tech industry since 1998 when he founded his first company at the age of 16, leading an enterprise at Microsoft Switzerland, but started specifically with VR since Kenzan Studios SA. Tobler comes from a long background for business clients, gaming, and classical theories and decided to create the Fusion Arena to share the amazing interactive VR environments with the world.

I would say the generation of 30 to 50-year olds grew up with Star Trek and Stargate, the classical theories, they had the Holodeck and travelled to other worlds where they could experience fantastic things with VR going to that direction. My aspiration is basically to create a place that is like a Holodeck where you can experience incredible things that you cannot experience in normal life,” declared Tobler. 

Pandally AG are close partners with True-VR-Systems, who are dedicated to motion traffic and everything behind the development of the system. Also, the Pandally AG team writes the games together in collaboration with True-VR-Systems VR artists for the Fusion Arena, creating the Fusion game universe where humans travel to other worlds by means of the Fusion Gate to help other cultures gain knowledge and to share knowledge after experiencing the story.

The opening press day on the 26th of Fbruary of Fusion Arena offered a number of activities to the public. One of those activities was a Press Conference at 2 p.m. where Tobler went into detail about what Pandally AG is all about, why they are different, and why the Fusion Arena is a different concept from the rest of the VR Arcade.

It’s in a different style, cosy, warm colours, a place that you visually like compared to laser-pack style VR Arcade, the main dominator. I will make an introduction about the technology, about the universe, the Fusion Arena, about the possibility of opening more VR centers and then after questions we will go more into the gaming side,” said Tobler. 

The attendees will get to experience the lounge area with two separate bases. One is called The Virtual Reality Lounge where you can take baby steps in Virtual Reality, with VR technology made for home use like HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and designs for people who experience VR for the first time as Pandally AG will provide 12 games running on four stations.

The second base will be the main dish – the ultimate reason for creation of the Fusion Arena, it’s the big landscape of space where which will start with 10 people (which is the largest number of players in VR worldwide at the same time) with full body tracking in the game to gain experiences with the same people and then ramp up two more people. The games will be very interactive and social with group work to achieve the goal and augmented with effects like heat, wind and scent, both physically and virtually.

Prior to the opening day for the public, the Fusion Arena will hold a YouTuber creator on the 27th of February when the whole social media community will come together and industry and partner day on the 28th when customers, partners and generally the VR industry will meet, socialize, network and of course try the games.

In June, Tobler plans to attend WVRF Annual Summit to present his experiences with Fusion Arena.  Last year at WVRF Annual Summit, Tobler presented location-based VR together with Artanim and Dreamscape where everything was theoretic.

In the future Tobler hopes to open the Fusion Arena for everyone who wants to book an event as the whole center is designed so events can be easily done, the whole space concept is built that way. The Fusion Arena will also have special event days around gaming, wine tasting, parties, and competitions in the coming months. In the long run Tobler sees the Fusion Arena as a global footprint for VR centers worldwide gradually advancing the visual invasion technology.