On the dawn of the release of the Oculus Go, who is actually using what? 

The latest marvel of the 21st century technology – Virtual Reality has secured its’ sturdy spot in the hearts and minds of today’s cyber-hooked generation for quite a while now, but which headsets have actually made it into the VR users’ homes? Salar Shahna, WVRF’s CEO created an online poll on Facebook’s Virtual Reality Group on 14 April, 2018 to find out the answer.

The Virtual Reality group, which currently has 41,941 members is administered by our good friend and ambassador Alexandre Calil Sicchieri Silva.

The key metrics show:

Vive and Oculus Rift are in a tight competition

– despite massive sales number, people don’t actually use the Gear VR much

Windows Mixed Reality is fairly new but has made a significant penetration

– Cardboard remains a relevant platform

iOS users remain almost a virgin territory



Other facts from the Facebook survey include: Samsung HMD Odyssey was not initially proposed in the poll, as counted with the Windows MR headsets. The interesting fact is that users have added the Odyssey themselves. It shows that Samsung is making successful baby steps in building a brand identification around their new HMD line and distinguishing itself amongst the other WMR headsets. While the future of Gear VR can be at stake with Oculus Go and numbers below our expectations, Samsung might be about to start a battle with its current ally Oculus on the desktop front as PlayStation VR numbers are below expectations and are not used as much in the VR community. We should also show this to pico, as they had 0 points. It shows their need to do more on the overseas front.

However, our current agenda is to get 1-3% of the 41,941 members to come and to get the attention of 100% of the VR group.

Our first idea is to organize the world’s largest flash mob with VR headsets. Everyone can come with their headsets to Crans-Montana. Bruce Wooden, our WVRF Annual Summit Conference Chairman could send the message with a video calling everyone to join.

For the viral communication, we can make a mini-mob ourselves in a tram in Geneva. Let’s get all the equipment we have + cardboards, and have a tram filled with people wearing one.