Newcastle International Film Festival | MASTERCLASS | 31 MARCH


In the midst of spring’s grand entrance, Delphine Seitiee, WVRF’s Co-Founder and Saskia Vellas, WVRF’s Visual Communication Manager, took off to Newcastle, England for the first edition of NIFF (Newcastle International Film Festival) on 31 March, 2018.

WVRF was invited by Emma Bewick, Vice President at NIFF and Global Operations Director whom WVRF met at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) to come to NIFF and to host a VR masterclass there.

As VR was not really represented at the festival, it was up to WVRF to represent the VR medium and to share all the tricks of our trade that come with it,” said Vellas.

WVRF hosted a workshop at Gateshead College on Saturday to explain what VR is in general and how to produce VR films, which steps to take, which cameras to use, storytelling and the overall production of Virtual Reality. WVRF also had a small showcase with four VR films: Defrost by Randal Kleiser and Tanna Frederick, USA; Les Ménines de Diego Velàzquez by Carlos Franklin of Les Poissons Volants, France; Pearl by Google Spotlight Stories, USA; and My Brother’s Keeper by PBS Digital Studios, USAWVRF chose specifically those four films as they are a diverse mix of the VR filmography, showing the third person/first person point of view and all the different genres: documentary, fiction, science fiction and animation.

At the end of the VR masterclass, WVRF introduced the audience to Social VR through a Skype interview was held in AltspaceVR on the headsets with Salar Shahna, WVRF’s CEO who stayed in Geneva. The VR masterclass went smoothly with many interesting questions and discussions.

The WVRF team was warmly welcomed by the NIFF team, with many fun events in the evening, interesting people and people interested in VR filmmaking who never tried VR before. The festival dedicated to independent artistic films was mostly attended by the British public and British film stars. WVRF looks forward to see NIFF grow and become an important event in the cinema world in the future.