Lombard Odier Sponsors WVRF Apéritif at Le Constellation

The conclusion of World VR Forum’s Annual Summit’s second conference day brought much excitement, as the Summit’s attendants headed to Le Constellation lounge bar for some wine, beer and traditional Swiss fondue in Crans-Montana, on Friday, 12 May, 2017.

The jolly, formal outing was sponsored by Lombard Odier, a seasoned, yet progressive Swiss bank, founded in 1796, with headquarters in Geneva, which has been a family business for seven generations and is run by its partners who are both owners and managers, dedicated to strategy, management and client services.

Lombard Odier is present in all the world’s major financial centres, has a network of 26 offices covering 19 jurisdictions and employs over 2,180 people. Since a few  years ago, Lombard Odier is dedicated to accelerating the development of its private-client activities in Europe, Asia and Switzerland, strengthening its asset management services, and making its technology platform available to finance professionals.

The Summit’s attendants exchanged many delightful conversations on their newest VR projects, innovation plans for the future as well as professional experiences and funny stories from their daily lives over several mugs of beer, glasses of wine, shots of vodka and portions of fondue, which was served right outside the lounge bar with sliced pieces of crusty and delicious white bread. Some brave souls even busted out a dance move or two throughout the evening at Le Constellation’s basement.

As the charming late afternoon gathering was terminating, Clayton Doherty, WVRF’s devoted President proposed a major toast to Lombard Odier, genuinely thanking them for the sponsorship and to WVRF’s creative and hardworking Co-Founders Delphine Seitiee and Salar Shahna for the organization of the Summit, gathering everyone on the underground floor.

"I would like to thank Lombard Odier for this wonderful evening” said Doherty.


After describing their role in the Swiss economy and in the amazing innovative projects Lombard Odier is involved in, and sharing several hilarious anecdotes on his ‘wrestling matches’ with technology, Doherty proceeded to thank Seitiee and Shahna.

"And, now I would like you to give it up for the heart and soul of World VR Forum - Delphine and Salar, without whom none of this would have been possible,” stated Doherty.


After Doherty’s speech, Seitiee and Shahna humbly took a bow to the boisterous applause of the attendants, marking the ending to the merry evening at Le Constellation.