Design Night Autodesk
October 19th, 2017 – Neuchâtel

For several years, every first Thursday of the month, Autodesk organizes a Design Night in San Francisco to welcome students, aficionados and professionals interested in the evolution of design, creation and manufacturing, in other words: “The Future of Making Things”.
The most famous names in the field of design have come to share their knowledge and experience during this afterwork event.

Last year, Design Night Switzerland took place in Neuchâtel and offered to all attendees the unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of robotics. The nearly 450 guests were invited to listen to a talk from a robotics expert, to experience and apprehend extraordinary robots, all while enjoying networking drinks and food with robotic-inspired music in the background. You can watch the 2016 video here.

Since last year’s edition was a great success, the Autodesk Design Night Switzerland is coming back to Neuchâtel on October 19, 2017 to democratize technology for all. The event will take place in La Case-à-Chocs and this time it’s all about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing, in short: The Augmented Age! More than 500 attendees are expected to visit the event and experience those technologies.
The public opening will be at 6pm until 10.30pm and tickets are available here.

We are honored and happy to join the Autodesk Design Night through a selection of hand picked, high quality Swiss and international VR experiences. Come join us!

WVRF Program

Immersive Architecture Ontology

IAO VR is a start-up specialized in the production of virtual and augmented tours of 3D architectural buildings, while offering total immersion.

Break a Leg - apelab

Break a Leg is an interactive experience designed for virtual reality. It gets its inspiration from the magic shows of the 19th Century such as Houdini and Kellar. Built to entertain the crowds based on tricking the mind through misdirection and routine, the conjurers obeyed drastic rules to fool the mind of the audience.

Studio Mixed Reality - Tilt Brush

Create your own life-size 3D virtual world with Google Tilt Brush drawing kit and share your fantasy in real-time in the mixed reality studio. Supported by Freestudios.


VR Cinema

The VR Cinema is an exquisite selection of 360 ° international videos covering different genres and displayed in synchronized sessions on Samsung Gear VR.


The Other Dakar

A little girl is chosen to discover the invisible Dakar. In Official Competition at the Annual Summit WVRF17 Credits Author:...
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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is an intimate journey exploring the rich legacy inherited by 8 year old Yerick, a child...
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My Brother’s Keeper

It is a cinematic virtual reality narrative that immerses the viewer un the story of two estranges brother who, fighting...
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Las Meninas de Velasquez

Diego Velázquez stared at us behind his easel. His gaze invites us. We pass to the other side of this...
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Gladiators in the Collosseum

You are standing in the Arena of the extravagantly decorated Colosseum surrounded by 50,000 cheering Spectators. You witness a bitter...
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Fly me over the Mont-Blanc

Paragliding one day in the Savoie, Mont Blanc and Chamonix region in the French Alps. Credits Director: Timothée Schmittler Producer:...
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Michalski’s unique vision for VR spaces, this short film is a surreal journey through his thoughts on art, society, culture and technology.

Breakdown VR

An experimental artwork willing to use the language of VR in its complete uniqueness. To express things in a way...
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