2017 Beijing VR Film Festival (2017 BVRFF) is one of the major highlights of 2017 China International Creative Culture and Entertainment Industry Summit and “Belt & Road” Virtual Reality Forum (2017 I.C.E. Summit). It is the first grand gathering of VR films in China and was held in Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Centre (Beijing), November 24-26.

The venue of 2017 BVRFF was divided into four parts according to the themes of the films with the corresponding awards: Best Audience’s Choice Award, Best Production Award, Best VR Film Award, Best Plot Award and Best Experience Award elected by a professional jury and the public.

The awards went to the following VR experiences: Best Cinematic VR to Altération by Okio Studios (France); Best VR Animation to The Dream Collector by Pinta Studios (China); Best Artistic VR to Hanahana by Mélodie Mousset (Switzerland); Best Narrative VR: Dispatch by Here be Dragons (USA); and Best VR entertainment: Superhot by Superhot Studios (Poland).

Aimed to bring more real and immersive experiences to film viewers, 2017 BVRFF presented an integration of VR technology with the film industry, which is not only a
breakthrough in technology but also an innovation in the film industry. BVRFF is a VR film festival with new forms, new ideas and new experiences and has elevated the VR films popularity level.