Surprise Party Animated by Tamaggo Rocks Sport Palace

Partially drenched in rainwater dripping from the misty Crans-Montana sky, the WVRF’s Annual Summit crowd of VR and AR professionals and aspiring connoisseurs left Le Constellation lounge bar for the next party of the night: The Surprise Party animated by Tamaggo, at Sport Palace – a cottage-style hotel, on Friday, 12 May, 2017.

Tamaggo is a consumer electronics company founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Geneva, producing ibi, 360° digital cameras to provide consumers with unique immersive experiences with authentic image stabilization without distortion.

Thanks to Tamaggo, the WVRF’s Annual Summit VR and AR whizzes had a highly entertaining surprise party.

The Surprise Party was a lively discotheque with a DJ set by Oddsiris Family and music by Salzunpepper, which took place at the Sport Palace’s basement, with a bar and a swimming pool at the guests’ disposal.

A number of guests plunged into the shallow chlorine waters for a breezy midnight swim while lovingly dragging their comrades along for the aquatic adventure.

The rest of the guests devotedly crusaded the dance floor; chugged beer or wine that was served at the bar by the Sport Palace’s diligent staff; demonstrated their stellar dart throwing and Foosball playing skills; or simply chilled out on the soft and comfy sofas, relaxing after a stimulating yet lengthy conference day. Enjoying and benefiting from this perfect networking occasion, everyone was passionately occupied with a leisurely activity of his or her choice.

“The DJ was one of the best, and did an exceptional job last night,” noted Ellen Kuo, WVRF’s Head of Market Development.


For many, it was a night to remember, as very few were immune to the vicious curse of the inevitable Saturday morning hangover.