Stéphane Intissar

CEO - OZWE Games

Stéphane Intissar

CEO - OZWE Games
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Stéphane Intissar is CEO at OZWE Games in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Born in France, he holds a Master of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science from the Ecole des Mines. He worked for several companies in various field ranging from the game industry to telecommunications and banking. 

In 2012, he began to work as Director of Production for OZWE Games, a company created by Frederic Kaplan, professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). 

OZWE quickly became a pioneer in immersive video games and virtual reality using Oculus and Gear VR technology. 

Stephane Intissar created the first version of Anshar Wars and directed the sequel Anshar Wars 2, an immersive 3D space fighter game. 

The game immediately met a great success and a multiplayer version has been recently added.


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