The 10th Annual China International Creative Cultural and Entertainment Industry Summit is the Top Entrepreneur Summit of China jointly sponsored by Zhongguancun Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance, China Small and Medium Business Enterprises Association and Microsoft Accelerator attended by many international friends from Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Finland in Venture Avenue, Zhongguancun, Beijing on 24 September.

The forum revolved around innovation and entrepreneurship, highlighting the social atmosphere of entrepreneurship, inviting entrepreneurship leaders and venture entrepreneurs for dialogue on the same stage. They explored and interpreted entrepreneurial innovations and judged and suggested future trends as attendees provided a completely new perspective, helping entrepreneurs to break old traditions and to create new paths and fields.

Dr. Niu Tao, Vice President of China Association of Small and Medium Business Enterprises, Chairman of Zhongguancun Cultural and Creative Industry Alliance said that since the report on the work of the two sessions in 2015 put forward “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, “double creation” is playing a more and more important role in nurturing new energy. The greater the role of double market structure to promote change, the greater the improvement to the efficiency of innovation, creating a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. As the person in charge of this forum, Dr. Niu Tao pointed out in an interview with China’s SME Net that “China’s SME entrepreneurship mentor” is a highlight of this forum. Dr. Niu Tao won the “Top Ten Entrepreneurship”.

 According to Dr. Niu Tao, “the activity of entrepreneurship instructors is to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the new era, demonstrate the pioneering process of entrepreneurs, create a good atmosphere of concern and support for entrepreneurs, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of the vast number of entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs Solve the current business confusion, reduce or even avoid the entrepreneurial difficulties and obstacles in the business process”.

Sarah Shana, WVRF’s CEO delivered a keynote speech on his reasons for leaving the familiar movie industry and moving into the VR field. He also analyzed the status quo and development prospects of the VR industry and called on entrepreneurs to look forward to the long-term and join hands to actively promote VR development of the industry, jointly writing the entrepreneurial chapter. Shahna’s speech was well received by participants.

Roundtable dialogue: entrepreneurs say

The young entrepreneurs who won the “2017 Startup People of the Year” are both outstanding, pioneering entrepreneurs and have fledgling startups. These heroic and heroic men and women all embody the lofty spirit of innovation, the pursuit of dreams, and the development of industry in them, embodying the sense of responsibility for the benefit of the society and the times. They are among the thousands of entrepreneurs out of our country’s outstanding representatives. Shana honoured the entrepreneur who won the “China Entrepreneurship Year”.

Dr. Niu Tao mentioned at the event that the Zhongguancun Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance will hold the “2017 China International Cultural and Creative Industries Summit and the ‘One Belt and Road Initiative’ Virtual Reality Summit Forum,” 24-26 November. The opening ceremony will be held in the City Hall at the same time as the six parallel theme forums, 2017 China International Cultural and Entertainment Expo, the first China Virtual Reality Film Festival and 2017 International Olympic Virtual Reality e-sports competitions and other activities.

Dr. Niu Tao said that Zhongguancun Cultural and Creative Industry Alliance will continue to promote innovation and entrepreneurship with SLUSH, Europe’s largest venture capital organization, and WVRF. At the same time, Dr. Niu Tao emphasized that the alliance will continue to summarize the experience, respond to the national call, conscientiously do a good job for every next summit event, make more contributions to promoting transformation and upgrading and fostering new momentum.