Narrative Language of Virtual Reality, Aimone Bodini

Narrative Language of Virtual Reality, Aimone Bodini


It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming release of Aimone Bodini’s brand-new book Narrative Language of Virtual Reality! Don’t miss the opportunity to order the book.

Author : Aimone Bodini
Published by World VR Forum
Publication date : Autumn, 2017

Paper book
Format : A5
Type of product : Scientific literature




From the late 19th century pioneering masterpieces of the early cinema age to the Wachowskis’ internationally-renowned modern Sci-Fi classic The Matrix trilogy, to the latest underground VR gems in their full 360° glory, Bodini’s academic literary hit explores ‘semantic factors’, ‘vocabulary’ and ‘techniques’ that can elevate VR from an advanced technological product to a handy communication tool. Narrative Language of Virtual Reality proves that VR has a language of its own, which, is fundamental to convey the correct emotions and to fully engage the viewer in Virtual Reality.