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Project Description

The revolutionary possibilities of Virtual Reality allow a completely new and very intensive experience. We aimed to convey the emotion to witness a “live” event with most authenticity.  The foreboding of an imminent volcanic eruption and the start of the eruption itself were a wonderful challenge.

We wanted the user to feel the intensity of a nearly realistic experience. For that purpose, we experimented with new techniques in order to satisfy our demand for a high quality production. The uniquely chosen places which we created prior to the eruption have been put together after lots of trials. Certainly, the immersive impression had to be as intense as possible. In that way, the user experiences the presentiment of the eruption within the hall of a roman temple or during a slow emergence from a canyon. Startled birds fly close by the user.”

This means on the one hand that you are surrounded by the events in 360 degrees. Parallel to the purely computer-generated volcano world you have the possibility to experience the action in its “depth dimension”, thus stereo 3D. The spatted chunks of the volcano actually fly at you in three dimensions.

Direction: Jörg Courtial
VR Development: Philipp Clermont
Digital Art: Nils Rosenow, Wolf Knittig
Sounddesign: Stefan Lupp

– VR trailer at “MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN 2015”, 21.-23. Oct 2015, Munich (http://www.medientage.de/)
– full VR film at the “EBU Production Technology Seminar”, 26.-28. Jan 2016, Geneva (https://tech.ebu.ch/home)
– it will be presented at “re:publica”, 2.-4. May 2016, Berlin (https://re-publica.de/)
– it will possibly presented at “ARS ELECTRONICA”, 8.-12. Sep 2016, Linz (http://www.aec.at/)