Project Info

Project Description

Collisions is a virtual reality journey to the land of indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan and the Martu tribe in the remote Western Australian Pilbara desert. The Martu lived largely untouched by Western culture until the 1960’s. Nyarri’s first contact with Western culture came in the 1950’s via a dramatic collision between his traditional world view and the cutting edge of Western science and technology, when he witnessed first hand and with no context, an atomic test. Nyarri offers us a view to what he saw, and, reflecting on this extraordinary event, shares his perspective on the Martu way to care for the planet. Collisions focuses on the needs of future generations, as we dive head-long into the fourth industrial revolution.

Cast & Credits

Artist and Director : Lynette Wallworth
Producer : Nicole Newnham
Director of photography : Patrick Meegan
Editor : Karryn de Cinque
Sound recordist : Liam Egan
Executive producer : Cori Shepherd Stern, Gigi Pritzker, Diana Barrett & ​Sandy Herz