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World VR Forum offers many opportunities for acting and taking influence in shaping the advancement of VR and AR industry on the global scale. Several types of membership are offered, aligned to the needs of our members There is a space for everyone including individual enthusiasts.

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World VR Forum is an official Non-Governmental-Organization and acts as a partner for international  organizations and private persons. The foundation provides the funding for most of our initiatives, i.e. in areas such as education and startup development.

Donations could be dedicated to a concrete initiative or entail the entire organization.

The World VR Forum is part of the Global AR/VR Alliance, a member of The Council of The International Federation of Virtual Reality Industry and recognized for its commitment towards strengthening the Implementation of WSIS Related Activities by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).


Through the membership program, Corporates, SMEs, Startups, Regions, Academia and Private Individuals will impact the development and direction of the World VR Forum. Beyond, it grants access to a great number of relationships, carefully curated programs and sister events. We always support the positioning of our members as organizations that lead the digital transformation in the World.


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