Henry, an impressive VR experience

Here we are. Oculus studio unveiled for the first time during Oculus Connect 2: Henry, the first animated film made entirely in VR. And many of us wanted to live the adventure. After waiting long minutes outside the room, it is finally my turn.

So, I met Henry, a very endearing hedgehog, familiars to the Pixar movies characters. I have discovered Henry in perfect conditions. Set in a warm room, I put on my head the Oculus Rift device; I am immediately immersed in the Henry’s world. I right away feel too big in the living room of the house and I join Henry at his table after he’s invited me to sit with him. Here I’m now comfortably seated on plush carpets and the Henry’s story carries me away. I see him navigate through the house, some back and forth between the kitchen and living room. He prepares a nice table for his birthday. Suddenly Henry looks me in the eye and the wall of virtuality was broken between us.


It took me less than one minute to forget the head-mount weight that I wear. The quality of images, lighting effects and Henry’s expressions transported me completely. I even let myself surprise by the explosion of a birthday cake; fresh cream and strawberries fall on me. The emotions are much stronger than any other cinematic experiences (if I can use the term “cinema”). I know now that it will be difficult to come back on flat screens.

Henry is the first film realized entirely in virtual reality and adapted for the Oculus Rift headset.

Meet Henry by Oculus Studio